Picture This.


You’re a photographer who is manifesting that 2020 is going to be a killer year in business. 

It’s #GrabThatBag Season.


 A person slides into your Instagram DMs that is "wow'd" by your portfolio on your IG page. You of course are flattered and intrigued at yet another prospective client. Cha-CHING!


You start to chat, hop on a call and BAM - they're ready to close the deal


Your excitement of landing a new client drops into a panic attack as you scramble through your desktop and Google Drive to find contracting and proposal documents...


As an on-the-go photographer, I can’t imagine all that work that goes into preparing and shooting a wedding, party, or event. So who has time for searching for creating and recreating documents from scratch and sending invoices via email? 


Isn’t there a better way to stay calm, cool, and organized?


You bet!

Introducing The Client Engagement Experience!

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