As a DJ, you love the way the music vibrates through the speakers and seeing the people groove on the dance floor to your mixes is literally like music to your ears. As you breakdown the equipment and pack up your car, there’s no greater feeling than knowing you delivered joy to your client’s event. 


And now you’re onto the next event, but let’s be honest, there are areas of your business that are less than exciting. I’m talking about performing tasks such as creating proposals, contracts, and invoicing clients. And not to mention the sometimes hit or miss consultation calls and the guesswork that goes into attracting the right clients.

The reason you are frustrated is because you don’t have the right systems and processes working FOR you  in your business.


What if I told you there is a solution that takes guesswork out of booking clients, creating proposals, contracts, and sending invoices?!


I have JUST the solution for you: The Client Engagement Experience. A five-step process customized for your business to generate leads, help you find the right clients, and automate your contracting & invoicing process. Don’t you want to save time, increase your revenue, and have your clients singing your praises? 


And what makes me such the expert?


Hi - I’m Ashley Shuler, a dog-loving, music-groovin’ guru who has a knack for creating innovative solutions so you can operate more efficiently in your business.


My job is to remove the frustration out of performing the day to day tasks so you can focus on delivering the ultimate feel good, groove-worthy, party vibes at your events. 

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