You Are God's Creation. A Mighty Force, With a Purpose To Change the World

Give Yourself Permission to have the wildest dreams and thoughts.

You don't owe it to anyone else to play little. 

Be Your Greatness

You will not be achieve all that 

God has for you if you do not change.


Change is a requirement to reach the next level of your Destiny

The Most Important Investment You Can Make Is In Yourself

-Warren Buffet

What I know for sure.
Fear is a big fat liar.
And it’s always an INDICATOR.
That there’s MORE beyond it.
So don’t let your fear define you or determine your future.
We all need what YOU bring to the table.
For someone this morning, even that fear of imperfection can make you procrastinate. REFUSE to let it stop or paralyze you.


-Pastor Donna Pisani,

Capital City Church