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Be Present

Shift your focus on what is going right in your life and not on the things that aren't going so well. Remember, when you do not focus on the positive, it distracts you from where God wants you to focus. 


How you live your life in terms of steps you are willing to change in your life is in exact proportion to your courage. If you take mild steps, you will see little transform. Take big and bold steps, then you will see courage open like you've never imagined. 

Comparison Trap

You are unique. It is cliche to say, but its true. God made you different from me, your neighbor, and your co-worker. Embrace that. Be captivated that God has given you a unique purpose in your life. Your mission is different from mine. Focus on how God can use you in this world. 

The Storm 

Don't look for the easy way out. Understand that your storm is built to uncover new strength you haven't discovered before. And Yes, your storm will be wild, wet, and tough to trek through. Dive into prayer and meditation and get clear on what God wants from you.

The Challenge

Don't just wade or stand in the shallow end when it comes to life decisions. Don't run from that decision that challenges you. If you are tired of looking at the same person unsatisfied with life, make a change. Challenge yourself.

Get Excited about Monday

Don't ever dread Mondays. Understand that everyday you breathe life is a chance to make a significant change in someone else's life. You are fierce, capable, and courageous. Change your life so you can make a difference in someone else's. 

Practice Gratitude

Almost There

It's the simple things. 


Waking up in the morning, grabbing coffee, getting on the train, going grocery shopping, texting, and having a job. These are privileges, not rights. 


Be grateful for the ordinary things and use them graciously. 

Entrepreneur Gary Vee said it best, "Don't live with regret." Life is not supposed to be easy. Understand that the journey is a beautiful mess. Be Brave. Get Dirty. Don't Give UP. You are closer to where you are with every failure that you shake off.

Show Up

Bottom Line: Be there for your tribe, Show UP and Support.

Denzel Washington on Dreams

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"Dreams withouth goals are just dreams...goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency" - Denzel Washington

For the Good

It's so easy to size someone up within the first 30 seconds. First impressions are everything they say. So the next time someone else walks in the room, take 30 seconds or even 5 minutes to find the "gold" inside of them.

Do you know what's inside of you?

You have more power that you know. You are in charge of how you choose to live your life. No one else will do it for you. Seek God. Create the change you want to see for yourself. Ask for help. Read a book. Meditate. Do Your Research.

Time is Precious

If they can't appreciate what you bring to the table, then disappear. Your talents are will be used elsewhere.

Lead Your Life 

Lewis Howes, Author & creator of the School of Greatness Podcast interviewed John C. Maxwell . There were several gems I learned from this session and the quote above really shook me. How often do we just say "it is what it is!" and then move on. Instead, let's take a pen, piece of paper, and 30 minutes to reflect on the areas of our life that we can lead.


Here it is. Your energy can shift an environment. Yes, your very presence. Just remember, you can shift someone's life and uplift them within 5 seconds. And in the next 5 seconds you can drain an environment, room, or conversation.

Okay? That's IT?

You were put on this earth to do more than just "okay" and to be "ordinary." God created you in His image. This means you have the extraordinary, the special sauce, the magic inside of you to do amazing things in your life. Live intentionally. Discover something new and take a risk.

Growth requires new experiences

What you are called to do will not be directly connected to what is convenient for you at the time. Understand that your growth requires an new level of commitment, which will in turn force you to reach beyond your comfort zone. Embrace it. There is something magical about discovering yourself along the journey. 

Move or Don't Complain

It's really that simple. Live the life you want. Except, its really not that simple. Life is hard. In order for you to reach your fullest potential, to do all the things that scare you the most, you must step forward. This could be saving money, taking a class, going to a networking event. Take a chance. You can do it.