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Share Your Story

Take a Deep Breath!


Everything that you have gone through in your life is not meant to hold onto. Tell someone your darkest day and how God carried you through the other side. #yourstorymystory

Are you in a rush go somewhere? Take a step back. You are wherey ou are for a reason. Everybody's path is not your path and don't desire what's not yours. By doing that, you take the focus off of your own hustle, dreams, and desire. Appreciate the now! God is planting seeds for your future. 


Pause (breathe 1..2..3)


We live in a microwave society! We want it hot, fresh, and in a hurry. So whatever your "it," maybe, try to pause before you react. The act of pausing helps us to digest what is going on, it also prevents us from overreacting. 


I urge you to pause when you feel like reacting or judging very quickly, it just might save you from regret. 

Step Boldy...

You must live in your truth and make decisions that are the "precise" thing, that makes sense for your own life and not others. When you do that, then you will see who stays and who goes.

Be You: That's Enough


Be who God has created you to be. Do not let someone's perceptions or judgements or who you should be mess your self-esteem. You are enough and your enough maybe messy, but you'll figure it out. Be your authentic self. 

Let it Be

Understand this, and let it sink in: embrace the present - the purpose, place, and thing(s) that happen. Oftentimes, we think "what if," when we reexamine certain circumstances. Instead of "what if," let's except "what is," and remember that your situation is tempoary. 

Practice Gratitude

It's the simple things. 


Waking up in the morning, grabbing coffee, getting on the train, going grocery shopping, texting, and having a job. These are privileges, not rights. 


Be grateful for the ordinary things and use them graciously. 

Almost There

Entrepreneur Gary Vee said it best, "Don't live with regret." Life is not supposed to be easy. Understand that the journey is a beautiful mess. Be Brave. Get Dirty. Don't Give UP. You are closer to where you are with every failure that you shake off.

Show Up

Gift of Absence

Bottom Line: Be there for your tribe, Show UP and Support.

If they can't appreciate what you bring to the table, then disappear. Your talents are will be used elsewhere

Denzel Washington on Dreams

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"Dreams withouth goals are just dreams...goals on the road to achievement cannot be achieved without discipline and consistency" - Denzel Washington