Anatomy of an Email (Part 1: Subject Lines)

When you write an email to your friends, families, or co-workers, what is the first thing you want the recipient to do? Answer: Open it!

While opening an email is the next logical step when viewing your inbox, it is not the main focus when using email to market a product. The primary goal is to convert your customers: opening an email --> clicking on link that senders the customer to your website.

There are 3 ingredients to creating a killer subject line:

Creativity: An eye-catching subject line that prompts a customer to open an email.

Compelling: A subject line hat entails intrigue and mysterious that prompt an customer to open your email. Remember, an average people receive about 200 emails (work and personal) per day, so grab your reader's attention.

Conversion: A subject line that provokes a customer to open an email and buy your product on your website or prompt that to take action.

Emma Email provides 7 examples of clickable emails.

In addition to these 3 ingredients, let's take a peak at the 5 best practices for creating a subject line:

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