KPI's will change your life

Every organization should have clearly defined business objectives when setting up google analytics for your website. This is where organizations ask themselves “What are we trying to accomplish?” For example, a business objective for Nike is to generate more revenue during the first quarter in sneaker sales. For non-revenue companies, a business objective could be increasing general awareness about the organization or educating visitors about a particular issue, set of issues, or campaign.

Once a company develops its business objectives, key performance indicators are identified. The purpose of the KPIs is to track big-picture success rates across the business objectives. Monitoring communication channels will help gauge overall progress toward an organization’s mission goals. KPIs also will be a crucial method of identifying campaign weaknesses.

As you begin to identify your organization's KPIs, here's list of 10 metrics you should consider:

1. Total Visits

2. New Sessions

3. Traffic (Referral, Direct, Organic)

4. Bounce Rate

5. Conversion Rate

6. Pageviews

7. Pages/Sessions

8. Avg. Session Duration

9. Top Landing Pages

10. Keyword Search

Check out top 10 recommended metrics.

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