What is #AskAsh? - The Why

If you've poked around my website a bit, you probably read what #AskAsh is about (or maybe not). #AskAsh is dedicated to training and providing expertise in data analytics and email marketing. So what does that really mean and why should you listen to me?

Very GOOD questions. I can’t provide you with an adequate answer as to why you would be interested in #AskAsh. I'm not trying to convince you that I am the all-mighty marketing expert, even sell you a product, or dissuade you from using other consulting services.

This is what I can tell you: #AskAsh is an unique service focused on empowering new business owners, solopreneurs, and microbusinesses to understand the power of data using google analytics and how to directly reach your customers through innovative email marketing. I want to help you establish a strategy to meet your business goals. In essence, #AskAsh may not be specifically meet your needs. You may want reach out to small firm or an expert to help you create an SEO strategy, comprehensive marketing plan, or get a better understanding of paid advertising (and you should have ALL three of these :)

Why am I doing this? I believe I can add real value by providing training in google analytics, email marketing, and collaborating with entrepreneurs to create strategies to reach their customers. Over the past few years, I have collaborated with friends and colleagues on budget friendly tools to help manage their business goals.

Why did I choose two specific areas of marketing?

#1 - Data is your bread and butter.

#2 - Email is reliable, simple, and will be around FOREVER!

Here’s what you get with #AskAsh:

a) A partner who genuinely cares about your business and your goals.

b) Comprehensive strategy sessions (customized for you!)

c) Research and recommendations to fit your needs.

d) Email and call availability (whatever fits your schedule!).

e) Content and resources that you will provide with tools and techniques that can be implemented as soon as you close your browser.

Have you setup your google analytics for your website? Do you know your top performing content pages? Who is your target audience? and How did your last email marketing campaign perform?

If you want to learn more about these questions, don't hesitate to schedule a call. Email me today - strategy@ashleyshuler.com.

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