Why Email? Why Now? - Cost Effectiveness (Part 2)

Don’t have a big marketing budget? The second-installment of Why Email? Why Now? provides tips on finding a cost-effective email marketing platform that is a friendly companion to your budget. In fact, you can send an email TODAY to market your product at little to no cost.

Email marketing has its advantages - no postage, no printing, and no advertising rates.

When choosing an email marketing platform, make a list of your needs and ask yourself these questions:

1) What is the size of your email subscriber list?

2) How often are you sending emails?

2) Do you need marketing automation (event-based/trigger emails)?

3) How big is your team?

For more insight on choosing the right email platform, visit here.

Research email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp, Constant Contact, FreshMail, Vertical Response, and Campayn on the following user experience websites:

a) www.G2crowd.com

b) www.trustradius.com

c) www.getapp.com

d) www.capterra.com

Size of database affects pricing structures of email marketing

Click here to learn more about cost-effective email marketing platforms.

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