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As you learned from the video above, Keisha Pearson owns ChicSavvy, an online clothing boutique. She recently discovered her sales have declined by 30% over the past 3 months. Keisha reached out to #AskhAsh to better understand why this happened and develop a strategy to boost her sales.

I performed an extensive analysis on ChicSavvy’s website using google analytics. A drop in sales usually means there is a change in visitor behavior:

  • Did less people use the website?

  • Did less people place an order?

  • Did people spend less money on each order? [Source: L3 Analytics]

This is what I discovered:

  1. Not Optimized for mobile: Keisha made extensive design changes to her website which made ChicSavvy online not so mobile friendly, thus leading to less website visits.

  2. Lack of SEO: Keisha and her team write a couple of blogs per week. However, ChicSavvy’s blogs don’t have the appropriate keyword descriptions in the blog post or in the meta descriptions.

  3. Email Newsletters not converting customers: ChicSavvy’s blog is not converting customers due to uninspiring subject lines, too many CTA buttons, and not enough balance between written text and images.

Here are some strategic recommendations to combat Keisha’s sales decline:

  • Website Optimization: ChicSavvy’s recent website overhaul made certain web pages load slower.

Solution: Carve out ‘website’ testing on different platform (desktop, tablets, and smartphones). Be sure that buttons/icons are working properly (size and text of buttons/icons matter).

  • SEO strategy: Your search traffic aka how people find your website is critical to driving sales to your website. ChicSavvy’s blog provides innovative content utilizing images, videos, and expert advice from industry insiders. However, it doesn’t matter what Keisha’s team writes because no one can find it. Why is it? Because ChicSavvy’s blog doesn’t incorporate keywords in their blog posts nor their meta descriptions.

SEO is key to visitors finding your website

If you have a website and don’t have an SEO strategy → Click here NOW.

Solution: Be sure your blog title incorporate keywords relevant to your industry to your blog title, body text, and meta description. Click here to get started TODAY on your SEO strategy.

Email Newsletters ≠ Converting: No one loves a good email more than me! [click here, here, and here]. But how many emails have you deleted or disregarded because you weren’t interested or maybe the link(s) were broken? (RAISE YOUR HAND ✋ ). ChicSavvy’s monthly emails are loaded with innovative and useful information.

Solution: Too much information can confuse readers. Organize your content.

Rule of thumb: include 1 CTA. Your goal is not for subscribers to open your email, but to convert them into customers.

Having trouble understanding your analytics? Are you in need of strategic recommendations to increase traffic to your website? Send an email today

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