Sink or Swim? The story behind Likes, Comments, and Retweets

A good friend of mine, John, is the Marketing Coordinator for a human trafficking nonprofit, Hands2Heal. John oversees the marketing strategy for the organization which entails creating marketing campaigns, coordinating blog posts, and planning social media posts. Hands2Heal is planning a Healthcare & Human Trafficking conference in October 2017. This year's goal is have 400 attendees, a 50% increase from last year. Hands2Heal has received a small grant to help with marketing promotion and other associated costs for the conference.

John's team wants to better understand their social media user behavior through data analytics. The goal is to create a strategy that is not only cost effective, but meaningful and relevant to its audience for this upcoming conference.

#AskAsh met with the Hands2Heal staff to train them on key performance indicators and how to use data to create a marketing strategy.

Let's a peak at the ABC's of Social Media Analytics:

The Impact Brand

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