Anatomy of an Email (Part 2: Call to Action)

In the last blog post, I provided tips on how to create killer subject lines.

As we continue to explore the "anatomy" of an email," let's look at how we can engage our customers, clients, or members.

A Call to Action is a key component in creating an email. It is a driver who’s only purpose is to compel an email subscriber to take an action.

Take a minute an to reflect on what action you want your member, client, or customer to take.

Your “call to action,” must be clear and compelling. It has to be more descriptive than “click here" button.

Here are few examples your subscribers may click on:

  • Read More

  • Buy Now

  • Register TODAY!

  • Become a Member

  • Make an Appointment

Here are 3 tips to writing a creative a compelling CTA:

1) Words Matter: The type of words you use are key to prompting an email subscriber to click your CTA button.

Remember to make the call to action: short and simple

  • Look Inside

  • Buy Now!

  • Give as a Gift

  • Donate Now!

  • Join Today

2) Location, Location, Location: Where to put your CTA

Just like picking your new vacation spot, location matters when creating your CTA.

A recent study by Canopy Labs compared the placement of CTAs in an email:

Click Rate

CTAs located at the bottom of emails outperform the right or left location. This logically makes sense because the subscriber is scrolling down and viewing the content.

3) Color Matters

Don’t be boring! Choose color…but choose wisely. Take a look at this graphic image and pick your CTA button color.

Call To Action

Have any tips to share? What's your experience been with CTA's? Share NOW!

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