Caption IT! - Ways to Boost Audience Engagement

If you are like me, you take pride in creating and posting content for your audience. And sometimes the content falls flat with no real audience engagement.

Do you know the average longevity of social media posts?

Several studies have shown that 75% of the engagement you get on a post happens in the first two to five hours, meaning engagement drops off significantly after this amount of time.

According to SEO consulting company Moz, the half-life of a tweet, meaning its median reach, is about 18 minutes.

Instagram, like Facebook, recently changed its algorithm from showing posts in chronological order to showing what it thinks you’ll find important. But on Instagram, post lifespan is dependent on the quality of the post.

While it’s been reported that the average post gets half of all comments within the first six hours, it also been found that higher-performing posts can take up to 13 hours to get the same amount of comments. That means you need to put out great content that will catch people’s eye.

While lifespan isn’t as important for LinkedIn, it is important to know that it’s a different type of social network, and one that doesn’t lend itself to multiple posts per day. You want to post sparingly and make sure you’re posting content people would be looking for on this platform.

Like Linkedin posts, pins have very long lives and can often show up in a feed weeks or even months after initial posting. Users can also rediscover and repin posts, which adds time to a post’s overall life.

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Are you better ways to interact with your members, clients, and/or prospective buyers and increase content longevity?

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