Project Management is a mix of getting stuff done and managing relationships to execute a successful project.
- Ashley Shuler, Business Systems Strategist

Project ManagemEnt Consulting


ClickUp VIP Day

ClickUp VIP Day is for small business owners, CEOs, and teams who are frustrated and fed up with mismanaging priorities, tasks, and deadlines and desire to have a streamlined project management process for their business.

Through this process you will:​

  • Learn how to construct and execute your project

  • Gain clarity on project goals

  • Implement communication strategies to lead a team effectively

In this package you will receive:

  • Project Management 101 Strategy Session

  • ClickUp Templates (up to 3)

  • ClickUp Structure Setup (up to 3 projects)

  • ClickUp Training Videos

  • 30 Days of Support (Slack/1-hour zoom followup).

VIP Days are held - twice a month on Saturday.

The Process


Examine current project execution process

Examine current ClickUp strategy


Design your project management and workflow management process

Outline goals for using ClickUp in your business


Develop strategy for using ClickUp

Create ClickUp templates to manage projects and workflow


Training on ClickUp platform

There's nothing more exciting than building a vision.
Just remember the process is just as rewarding
as the final product.
Ashley Shuler, Chief Strategy Officer
Business Operations &
Project Management Consulting Session

This session is perfect for entrepreneurs who need clarity on their next project - the strategy, plan of action, how to prevent scope creep.