Project Management is a mix of getting stuff done and managing relationships to execute a successful project.
- Ashley Shuler, Business Systems Strategist

Project ManagemEnt Consulting

Are you launching your project and nervous about where to start? 


Do you have a limited amount of resources to help you plan your next project or event? 


Are you looking for someone to organize your thoughts into a sensible step-by-step process?

Project Launch Service is for seasoned entrepreneurs in the following industries: digital marketing, nonprofit, and coaching/consulting These individuals are ready to dive in DEEP to create, build, and launch a project from ideation to execution. 

This is a retainer-only service.

Through this process you will:

  • Learn how to construct and execute your project

  • Gain clarity on project goals

  • Implement communication strategies to lead a team effectively

In this package you will receive:

  • Outlined strategic goals that align with your business.

  • Customized project management system setup

  • Established processes for you and your team

  • Project Schedule to ensure your project launches on time 

  •  Standard Operating Procedures

There's nothing more exciting than building a vision.
Just remember the process is just as rewarding
as the final product.
Ashley Shuler, Chief Strategy Officer

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