Project Management is a mix of getting stuff done and managing relationships to execute a successful project.
- Ashley Shuler, Business Systems Strategist

Project ManagemEnt Consulting

Are you launching your project and nervous about where to start? 


Do you have a limited amount of resources to help you plan your next project or event? 


Are you looking for someone to organize your thoughts into a sensible step-by-step process?

Project Management Consulting is for coaches and creatives who are frustrated and fed up with mismanaging priorities, tasks, and deadlines and desire to have a streamlined project management process for their business.

Through this process you will:

  • Learn how to construct and execute your project

  • Gain clarity on project goals

  • Implement communication strategies to lead a team effectively

In this package you will receive:

  • Project Management 101 Strategy Session

  • Standard Operating Procedures

  • ClickUp Setup & Implementation

Coming Soon! Stay Tuned for the Project Management VIP Day and Coaching Services
There's nothing more exciting than building a vision.
Just remember the process is just as rewarding
as the final product.
Ashley Shuler, Chief Strategy Officer
Personal & Business Productivity Strategy Sessions

Do you feel like pen and paper are not cutting it in terms of keeping up with your tasks?

Are you looking for a place that you can organize business and life?

IIf this sounds like you, we offer Personal and Business Productivity Project Management App Services.

Learn how a project management tool can keep you sane so you can dominate the day!